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Our Salon Services

Add Some Colour to Your Canvas

End-to-end, we pride ourselves on providing an experience where the worries of your day wash out as easy as cleansing your hair. Feel pampered in the capable hands of a stylist that gets to know more about you than just your appointment time and transforms you from a blank canvas to a head-turning masterpiece.

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Covid Update

Our hours of operation and scheduling have been adjusted to adhere to the health orders of British Columbia guidelines for covid-19 salon operations. That means, your favourite BLANK CANVAS team members may be working on a different day/time or unavailable. Thank you so much for your patience and support. We are deeply appreciative. We will do everything we can to get you on the book as quickly as we can. Please contact guest services at for more information and to assist with scheduling.

Complimentary Consultation

Let’s have a chat about your hair. Your vision. Your inspiration. We’ll talk about the smartest ways to get your hair healthy, happy and beautiful. Additionally, we’ll let you know exactly how much your services will cost before we begin.

*All prices are dependent on the skill level of the stylist.
*Please note that specific pricing is determined by the length, condition and thickness of your hair along with the experience level of your Service Provider.

Cancellation Policy

Due to reduced capacity and physical distancing, appointment times are especially precious now. A 48 hour notice of any cancellation is greatly appreciated. With adequate notice, we can offer the time to another guest. A 50% cancellation fee may apply to last minute cancellations.

Contact front desk for assistance in rescheduling your appointment if needed call or text 250-762-4145.

Deposits: A $100 deposit is required from all clients to secure an appointment for any colour service and $150 for Smoothing Treatment service.

For all extension services a 50% deposit is required.


As a courtesy, we will text and confirm your service appointments 1 business day prior to your appointment date. However, if we are unable to reach you, and can only leave a message, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and the cancellation fee.

Cut and Style

Your colour, cut, and style should speak the same, beautiful language.

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Women’s Designer Haircut

Includes: cappuccino, consultation, hair cleanse, mask and/or additional care, and haircut

Men’s Designer Haircut

Includes: cappuccino, consultation, hair cleanse, mask and/or additional care, and haircut


Need a blow-dry or special occasion style? It’s our pleasure to accommodate your needs a la carte.

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Blow-dry and Style
$37.50 - $75
Thick Hair Blow-dry and Style
$47.50 - $85
Special occasion/Bridal updo
$75 - $120

For Wedding groups please contact for more detailed quotation.

Custom Colour

All BLANK CANVAS hair colour services include the appropriate customized conditioning treatment. All colour prices are for the colour service and cutting and styling services require additional time/technique and are therefore an additional charge. See Cut and Style for prices. On request all prices will be quoted prior to the beginning of any service.

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Single Process

Typically applied to dry hair at the stylist’s chair; your colourist will create a custom colour specifically for you based on your skin tone, hair texture, density, and your personal hair goals.

Includes: customized conditioning treatment


Quick application of sheer semi-permanent hair colour on wet hair.

Includes: customized conditioning treatment

Colour Correction Work
$125+ per hour
Quotation Provided at Consultation

If you’re wanting to go lighter but you have artificial colour (done professionally or from a box) on your hair already, you may require a colour correction. For the big transformations we recommend booking in for a complimentary consultation.

Includes: customized conditioning treatment


If you are interested in lightening your hair colour you will typically be considering highlights vs balayage. Both highlights and balayage can be customized to fit your vision and personal sense of style; the main differences are found in application technique. If “ombré” or “lived in” highlights are what you are seeking, balayage may be for you.

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There are many different types of highlights to create the vision you want including, low lights, highlights, baby lights, flashlights and colour melting:

• Highlighting is achieved through the use of lightener applied within foil packets. The lightener is often applied closer to the root and is used to create an all over lightening of the hair rather than the “ombré” effect.

• Baby lights are very delicate highlights created using a fine colour technique to mimic that of naturally highlighted hair from the sun.

• Lowlights are applied in the same technique as highlights, but in contrast to highlights they are used to add darken pieces of hair to give hair further dimension. Great for women going grey and not wanting to fully embrace the grey.

• Flashlights are smaller sections, (normally consisting of 5-10 foils) of hair that are highlighted often to give depth or a pop of colour around your face. Flash highlights are a great alternative on short hair to give balance and dimension.

• Colour melting is a technique that blends highlights with the base colour of your hair. Colour blends seamlessly. Multiple colours may be used to create a smooth transition and natural looking colour.

Short Hair Highlights
Partial $115-$175
Full Head $147.50-$195

Includes: customized conditioning treatment

Medium Hair Length Highlights
Partial $132.50-$195
Full Head $155-$225

Includes: customized conditioning treatment

Long Hair Highlights
Partial $147.50-$225
Full Head $175-$250

Includes: customized conditioning treatment

Partial $175-$275
Full Head $225-$325

Balayage is often chosen for “natural” or “sun-kissed” highlights. It has softer, less noticeable regrowth lines than traditional highlights, reflecting the parts of your hair that would naturally lighten in the sun. It can also be applied to all hair types and lengths to achieve the perfect look.

Includes: customized conditioning treatment


As a new client, we’ll require extra time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the looks you see on our page! Pricing is broken down into different time blocks to eliminate the confusion of figuring out what service or look to book in for. The more time that is booked, the more we can achieve in one session (providing optimal colour conditions apply).

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Please review the services below, then click the Booking button above to submit your appointment request. If you’re still unsure of what services to book, please feel free to reach out via email to for more details on booking or the services we offer. You are welcome to book an in-person consultation as well.

Guest Experience #1
2-hour appointment

This block of time is best suited for someone looking to refresh their colour with a partial highlight, maintain their regrowth, update their toner or wanting an all-over colour.

If your hair is either thick, has dark artificial colour in it, or is past your collar bone, please select Guest Experience #2 for a little extra time to ensure we can meet your needs.

Guest Experience #2
3-hour appointment

This block of time is best suited for someone looking to start the journey of going lighter or are currently light and wanting to fine-tune your colour. Most of our looks require multiple sessions 2-4 months apart, so this would be a good place to start.

If your hair is either thick, has dark artificial colour in it, or is past your collar bone, please select Guest Experience #3 for a little extra time to ensure we can meet your needs.

Guest Experience #3
4-hour appointment

This block of time is best suited for someone looking for a big change in one session. If you need to have several issues addressed with your hair such as adding a substantial amount of blonde, highlights and lowlights, banding or splotches, controlling brassiness or warmth, grey coverage, or you haven’t had your hair coloured in more than 6 months.

If your hair is either thick, has dark artificial colour in it, or is past your collar bone, please select Guest Experience #4 for a little extra time to ensure we can meet your needs.

Guest Experience #4
5-hour appointment

This block of time is best suited for someone looking for intricate colour techniques. This is an experience if you’re wanting to go significantly lighter, or ashier, require base coverage, highlights, lowlights, have multiple bands of colour, or when extreme caution needs to be taken to avoid breakage when going lighter and there are damage issues present.


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Metal Detox Treatment

The Professional guarantee for your colour, balayage & lightening.

A patented technology with Glicoamine to neutralize metal inside the fiber & detoxify hair which will result in 87% less breakage risk and 2100% reliable colour results.3

Metal inside the fiber.

Metal inside the fiber can cause breakage & unreliable colour result, during coloration, balayage & lightening.


The molecule is  small enough to penetrate and neutralize metal inside the fiber & detoxify hair.


1) Metal neutralizer PROFESSIONAL PRE-TREATMENT. Neutralizes metal before colour, balayage and lightening.

2) Anti-metal cleansing cream PROFESSIONAL SHAMPOO. Detoxifies the hair after the service.

3) Anti-deposit protector PROFESSIONAL CARE & MASK. Prevents new particles from coming back.

Smart Bond

We like to think of Smart Bond as Insurance for your hair. This two-step in-salon process not only protects but also strengthens and repairs your hair. We highly recommend adding

Smart Bond to any blonding service as it’s an important part of maintaining the health of your hair.

Healthy Scalp Treatments

Like a facial for your scalp, created to exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize.

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Scalp Scrub Treatment (Kerastase)
Series of 6: $75 ($90 Value)

Our scalp scrub with sugar refreshes the scalp and removes impurities, product residues and polluting particles while giving texture to the hair and keeping it clean and light for longer. It can be relaxing or stimulating based on your scalp needs and includes personalized essential oils.

Detoxifying Mud-Mask (Kerastase)
Series of 6: $120 ($150 Value)

Gently eliminates deep impurities from the hair and scalp stressed by polluting substances.

Scalp Care Protocol
1. Scalp Relief 2. Anti-Thinning

Both treatments have a high dosage of molecules specific for each scalp needs. Scientifically proven actions. Instant and long-lasting perceived results.

Healthy Hair Treatments

Strengthen, Repair, Hydrate

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Kerastase Express Treatment
Series of 6: $120 ($180 Value)

The Kerastase Fusio-Dose Express treatment is composed of 2 different parts. One of them is a concentrate and the other is a booster. The concentrate and booster are mixed together and then applied to the hair and left in for about 2-5 minutes. This will act as a deep conditioner that will be rinsed out at the end of the treatment. * Included in all premium colour services

Kerastase Masque Treatment
Series of 6: $120 ($270 Value)

A circulatory massage is given to increase blood circulation to the scalp, revitalizing the hair follicles. The masque stays in for about 15 minutes and deeply conditions the scalp before being rinsed out. The ultra-nourishing Kerastase Masques are carefully applied to the hair. These masques are personalized to your hair needs and deliver complete relaxation as it is massaged into the scalp,mid lengths and ends of your hair.

Kerastase Iconic Treatment Experiences

Ultimate Hair Pampering with Sophisticated Scalp Massage.

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24 Karats

Turns your hair into the most precious substance. Refines your hair like never before with an ultra-shiny, sublime feel once finished.


The masterpiece in-salon pampering for a complete hair and scalp regeneration. Your hair will feel silky, flowing, shiny, have more volume, and both regenerate and soothe your scalp.

Anti-Dryness Immunity

A made-to-measure treatment for dry and brittle hair lacking strength and shine. Your hair will feel deeply nourished with long lasting intense nutrition and possess a radiant shine.

Keratherapy for Damaged Hair

The hair fibre is deeply repaired, improved strength, and suppleness of the hair fibre. A “new hair” feel.

Smoothing Treatments

All hair types can benefit from these treatments. They can shorten your blow-dry time by 40-60%. You can forget about frizzy hair, even in the rain. You will leave our chair with silky smooth hair.Priced upon consultation.

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X-Tenso Moisturist

A professional hair relaxer for rebellious, frizzy, or curly hair that reduces the volume of the hair. The formula contains softening waxes as well as active moisturizing ingredients to revitalize the hair and optimize the integrity of the hair fibre.

Lasts: up to 60 days


Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment reduces frizz and delivers smoother, stronger, healthier, more manageable and exquisitely beautiful hair that lasts for months. This treatment is formaldehyde-free, meaning you will attain the same results risk-free. In some cases, frizz/curl reduction may be less than with products using formaldehyde products.

Lasts: 3-5 months on average

YUKO: Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Yuko brand has developed and patented their signature Japanese thermal straightening treatment. This service is internationally recognized for its success, efficacy, and providing lasting results while preserving the health and integrity of the hair. The treatment smooths and straightens frizzy and curly hair, repairing it from within during the process.

Lasts: up to 5 months


Create more than just length. Allow us to create incredible shape, texture, and volume. Priced upon consultation.

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Easihair Pro Extensions

Tape in hair extensions by Easihair Pro is made with 100% Cuticle-Intact, Remy Human Hair. These reusable hair extensions can be used to add length, volume, chemical-free colour, or to correct or enhance a haircut. The unique panel construction is cross-stitched to prevent hair shedding, and it is weighted to hair replacement standards, so application is gentle enough for even fine/thin hair.

Available lengths: 12″, 16″, and 20″

We offer the YUKO treatment by consult only. Feel free to call or email us, if you have any questions regarding this service or would like to book your consultation today!

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