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Shu Uemura - Art of Hair
The master who brought beauty to the state of art. The artist Shu Uemura set forth to revolutionize the world of make-up in 1958 and to define new standards of beauty, combining the power of nature to the passion and sensitivity of an artist.
SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR is a hair care brand with exceptional treatments, hair care and styling formulas, all designed around rare ingredients and precious oils such as camellia oil, musk rose oil or argan oil.
Shu Uemura Art of Hair in-salon Ceremonies. Inspired by Japanese tea ceremonies, a Ceremony treatment delivers exceptional results tailored to your hair's specific requirements paired with a shiatsu-inspired massage.
"Each salon should exist as an atelier of artists that creates new beauty". Mr. Shu Uemura
The Ateliers that work with SHU UEMURA ART OF HAIR are among the finest hair salons throughout the world. The talented Hair Artists draw from the alliance of luxurious treatments and tailored massages to take you on a multi-sensorial journey and reveal a perfect hair fiber and a perfect hairstyle.

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