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One of the strongest hair trends to maintain momentum is the Lob, which is a long bob in fact. The misconception is that you cannot style as easily as long hair. Anything that you can do with long hair you can do with a Lob. The secret is to know what tools and which products to use to achieve the look you desire.

Which look will you wear today?


The Lob (or long bob) is generally cut to the shoulder or just past the shoulder. It is important to not have any harsh lines and to keep a soft perimeter. Second, no definite layers. The secret is to have what is known as invisible layers which are cut internally into the haircut to help aid texture and movement in the hair.

Now you are ready for styling. Here are three very different options:

1. La Rebelle

La Rebelle is a modern day version of beachy waves. A daring yet feminine look. A rebel breaks rules and sets trends. She is a risk taker and a visionary in ripped jeans.

To style:

Apply heat protecting styling lotion on (L’Incroyable Blowdry lotion) to the mid-lengths and ends. Using your hands smooth the top of the hair & tousle dry the mid-lengths & ends. Using a flat iron, create bends in the hair on the mid-lengths . To finish use a salt spray (Spray À Porter) on the mid-lengths & ends to create separation.

2. La Sensuelle

La Sensuelle is simply brushed out sculptured curls. A sensual woman derives her elegance through romance and glamour. Because pleasure is the only pursuit.

To Style: apply heat protecting styling lotion on (L’Incroyable Blowdry lotion) to the mid-lengths and ends. Take large sections, using a large round brush, smooth the hair.
Create your side parting. Take horizontal sections, mist with a hairspray (Laque Couture) and wrap hair around barrel of a medium sized curling iron. Alternate the direction of the curl. Curl the entire head. Add a small amount of a serum in your hands and then rake through the curls with your hands to create separation. Use your fingers to expand the shape and finish with Laque Couture to hold hair in place.

3. La Romantique

The sexy La Romantique is an updo with texture for a fresh and feminine look. A romantic doesn’t measure life in how many breathes she takes but by how many moments take her breath away.

To Style: apply heat protecting styling lotion on (L’Incroyable Blowdry lotion) to the mid-lengths and ends. Power dry hair to 90% dry. Then using a large round brush create your volume on the top of the head. Divide the hair from top to back from ear to ear. Secure the top section. Lightly back comb the back section. Apply a small amount of a moulding paste (Baume double Je) in your hands and twist the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck. Secure with bobby pins. Now back comb top section and repeat same action, this time twisting the hair and let it sit on top of the underneath section. Finish by raking your fingers lightly through the top and create the soft texture and finish with Laque Couture for hold.

As always, our team of stylists are here to help! If you have any questions, contact us for a no obligation consultation and find out the best option for your hair.

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