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It is said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. This is no less true today than when the phrase was coined many years ago. A woman’s hair graces her look every minute of the day, however, for some women, the state of their hair is an ongoing challenge, especially for those who suffer hair loss and having hair lacking in density.

Hair loss among women is at an all-time high, and the market for products concerning female hair loss remains painfully sparse. However, a recent study done by a popular cosmetics firm revealed that while balding and hair loss is an ongoing topic of conversation amongst men, hair density, or the amount of strands on your head, is also a major concern among women.

Today, hair density is one of the main expectations in terms of hair beauty and it concerns everyone.

What is Hair Density?

Hair density and hair texture get easily mixed up. So, let’s clear this up first before looking any further into density. Hair texture refers to the diameter/thickness of each strand of hair and this tells us whether the hair is fine, medium or coarse. Hair density, on the other hand, tells us how much hair or how many strands of hair you have in your scalp. To determine your density, it’s measured by counting the number of hair strands found in a square inch of your scalp.

The classifications of hair density are thin, medium, and thick. These classifications have nothing to do with the hair texture. The number of hairs on your head varies between 100,00 to 200,000 hairs.

A thicker density is ideal when styling, as it’s more flexible and provides the volume that translates to a youthful appearance. Thinner densities can wear blunt hairstyles, but consumers with such a density often need to use voluminizing products or add curl to give the appearance of a thicker density.

Thinning hair (and less hair overall) can be lackluster and harder to style, and can even contribute to the wearer appearing more aged than they really are. Full, thick, and bouncy hair is associated with youth and vitality. Who doesn’t remember seeing those shampoo commercials with the models swishing and swinging their full head of hair majestically on television? Running your fingers through such a thick density of hair feels luxurious and youthful, and thus becomes a priority among women.

Among all this information, it’s also important to understand that hair loss is actually related to hair density.

How does preventing or reducing hair loss help thicken hair density?

Simple – if you have more hair per square inch, you appear to have fuller, thicker hair overall. When you lose patches of hair through the many causes of female hair loss, it can also leave your mane looking thin and malnourished. Using products to prevent or reduce hair loss as a whole will naturally translate to thicker hair density.

Today hair loss and lacking in density can be due to illness or stress, diet, surgery, pregnancy, amongst many other causes. With so many potential reasons for hair loss, it is just as important to take care of your hair as it is the rest of your body.

Most people who experience hair loss are exposed to chronic stress either at work or at home. You should know that some of the main reasons for hair loss are depression, nerves, and unfavorable coincidence of personality.

Let’s take a look at the life of hair to help understand what transpires when hair density starts to diminish.

Our hair follicles, found below the scalp and house the hair strands, are continuously switching from an active state to a resting state.

Accordingly, our hair:

  1. Grows – Anagen phase (on average 3 to 5 years)
  2. Stabilizes – Catagen phase (on average 2 to 3 weeks)
  3. Falls out – Telogen  phase (on average 3 to 4 months)

The succession of growth and regression phases happens in the hair follicle, the production center of the hair, and is controlled by the papillary dermis.

  1. Sleeps – Dormant phase: Once the hair has fallen out (telogen phase), the follicle is inactive and remains empty.

Normally, the dormant phase can last from 2 to 12 months, before the bulb awakens and generates a new phase (anagen phase).

L’Oreal Research has discovered that during this dormant phase, Stem Cells play a key-role. They have the unique power to awaken the dormant follicle to create new hair.

L’Oréal Research has recently discovered that Stem Cells retain their normal function only when they are in an oxygen-deficient environment (Hypoxia). But, external or internal aggression (UV, stress, hormonal disorders) enrich their environment with oxygen (Normoxia).

This excess of oxygen alters Stem Cells’ power of fusion:

  • The hair genesis signal is suspended
  • The follicle no longer produces hair


So what is the answer?

Declining hair mass is a dynamic, multi-faceted process that causes a quality alternation in the hair mass, lack of body due to thinning hairs, and weakened fibers more prone to breakage. Therefore, it is very important that you have not only the right hairstyle that promotes fuller looking hair, but that you also use appropriate products.

What style to wear when your hair is now lacking the density you once had or desire to have?

Your hairstylist is your best friend when it comes to helping you decide what you need. This includes infmoring you on the style you should wear based on your hair (is it curly or straight of something in between?), your face shape, and your lifestyle.

How often are you willing to wash and style your hair? What is not currently working for you? Does your hair go flat and somewhat greasy too quickly? Is it difficult to achieve the fullness you want and to maintain that fullness.? All questions a good stylist will ask you so as to assist in deciding the best look and at home regime for you.

One challenge you may have is that you want luscious long full hair like Rachel Welch or other beautiful women portrayed in the media. Unfortunately, these looks don’t always come naturally, and many of the images you see have had the help of a good hairdresser to make them look so radiant. That being said, there is hope for you.

If you do desire longer hair, then ideally not too long is best. Collar-bone length should be the maximum, with slight layering. Although one length hair can give you the sense that your hair is thicker, it will also make it more difficult to achieve and maintain volume.

Hair colour can also give you an added look of denser and fuller hair. In most cases, you are better with solid, deeper colours, adding only subtle highlights for variation. Too many highlights will only add to an increased sensitized hair fibre and will also reduce the appearance of any density.

The right product regime is very important. With the advanced technologies that the research and development teams of beauty companies have been able to discover many solutions for skin care and haircare today.

Kerastase, has benefited from the Advanced L’Oreal Research teams and has developed its newest DENSIFIQUE range to accelerate the return to denser hair. First, the DENSIFIQUE products hydrate the fiber for thickness, fullness, and resilience. Then, they penetrates the cuticle to compensate for surface irregularities and restore uniformity. Finally, the ceramide molecule reduces the breakage of fine hair fibers.

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Kerastase has incorporated technologies of its past lines and made one great system for people who are lacking density.  Whether it stems from something traumatic, like giving birth, or from something internal, like significant stress, Densifique will help increase the amount of density per square inch.  It is a product intended for all women and men wanting thicker, denser hair. It is designed both for people who have noticed a loss of density over the years, and for people who simply want more density without having actually lost any.

Other options are;

AMINEXIL, saves up to 140 hairs saved each day

For both women and men, 30 and over, who suffer from hair loss

It works by blocking the thickening of the collagen bundle to prevent hair loss. This is a 6 week treatment program.

INITIALISTE, Hair growth is stronger and shinier

For women, 30 and over, who want to improve the quality of their hair.

Initialiste acts on Stem Cells to improve hair quality. Unlocks hair’s beauty generating the growth of stronger, shinier, and more beautiful hair. Reveals hair that feels thicker and is more resistant to breakage.

A 5 week treatment program.


Bain Densite, a densifying, thickening shampoo that has Stemoxydine, Gluco-peptides, Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides which results in providing thickness and nourishment for the hair fibre, visibly gives more fullness and is weightless.

Fondant Densite, a gel conditioner for fine, thin, or thinning hair lacking density containing Hyaluronic Acid and Intra-cylane, which simultaneously hydrate, strengthen  and add plumpness to the hair fibre.

Masque Densite, a regenerating cream masque for medium to coarse hair visibly lacking density. With Stemoxydine, Gluco-peptides, Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides the hair becomes regenerated from root to tip with added substance and resilience.

Densimorphose, a thickening treatment mousse for all hair visibly  lacking density. With Gluco-peptides, Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides. This mousse will give volume and substance to the hair without weighing down the hair. It is a mousse that is unlike any other mousse we have tried. It increases density without affecting the texture of your hair. Translation: you will have hair that looks fuller and more substantial, without the stickiness and texture that often comes along with a mousse.

Apply to towel dried hair, leave in, and blowdry as desired.