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It seems fair to say that we’re well versed on the basics of skincare nowadays. We know our way around lotions and serums well enough to pull together some sort of routine to keep our skin clean and healthy and protected from external aggressors; but can we really say the same for our hair?

Aside from heat damage from over-styling, pollution is a major factor in affecting the health and overall feel and appearance of our hair.


Our scalps can suffer the same skincare concerns we experience with our face, such as sensitivity, dryness and congestion.

Air pollution from the thick smog of cities has detrimental effects on the health and comfort of our skin and this includes the scalp. Skin exposed to pollution experiences a higher sebum secretion rate, and excessive sebum on the scalp can block hair follicles, as they become overly-saturated in the hair’s natural oil; weakening hair strands and making hair more prone to breakage.

Hair can also become dry and brittle over time if it is exposed to pollution, through factors such as dust particles that get into contact with the scalp and penetrate the upper layer. This causes damage to the structure of the hair strands as they are continuously exposed to environmental elements and external aggressors.


Employing a good hair care routine that works to protect hair against polluting factors such as UV damage and a dehydrated scalp can drastically improve its health.

SACHAJUAN are experts in growing healthy, gorgeous hair and have the products and know-how to make every day a gorgeous hair day. Healthy hair is top of the agenda for achieving gorgeous locks so it may come as no surprise that they’re clued up on anti-pollution products to ensure hair is in its optimum health.

Key ingredients include ocean silk technology, containing cold water algae Chondrus crispus, which creates a weightless protective barrier on the scalp. Meanwhile, its Fruitbio formula features a targeted blend of alpha hydroxy acids derived from fruit to smooth and clean hair.


The new Anti Pollution Shampoo from SACHAJUAN is a gentle but effective hair cleanser that will protect the scalp, prevent pollution build-up and restore healthy shine. The Anti Pollution Shampoo’s lavender-scented formula works to protect the hair from daily aggressors such as industrial emissions, gases, dust, smoke and free radicals. It will help to smooth the surface of the hair and scalp so that pollutants find it more difficult to adhere to these surfaces. The result is hair that feels cleaner and fresher for longer with reduced colour fade and more shine. Over time, the metals and minerals found in hard water build-up on the hair shaft, which can cause it to look dull, lack movement and feel brittle. A natural ingredient, trisodium ethylenediamine discuccinate (TED), a biodegradable chelating agent containing high levels of antioxidants will help to prevent this from happening. The clarifying Anti Pollution Shampoo also contains red seaweed (known as chrondus crispus) which helps to create a protective barrier over the scalp, acting as a breathable second-skin. It prevents pollution particles from coating the scalp and provides a long-lasting shield, while a cocktail of fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) smooth the hair shaft – this stops any nasties in the air from clinging onto the hair by reducing any dry, rough or porous areas, ensuring that hair stays shiny, fresh and clean for longer with more bounce and less frizz.

Why We Love It 

We’ve all had those days where our hair just feels blah, lifeless, and even though you’ve just washed it, it still doesn’t look as great as it should. Pollution build-up can often be the cause for this, and SACHAJUAN shampoo provides the perfect solution. The best news though? The formula’s system is powered by three highly concentrated natural ingredients! They work in tandem to effectively counteract drab hair in need of a refresh. If you live or commute to the city daily, this is a must-have for your bathroom shelf!


Get shiny, healthy hair while protecting it from pollutants with the SACHAJUAN Anti Pollution Conditioner, a smoothing conditioner that will gently cleanse while shielding your hair and scalp from harmful everyday aggressors.

Urban life can leave your hair feeling, smelling and looking lacklustre. This lavender-scented conditioner creates a barrier from polluting factors such as industrial emissions, gases, dust, smoke and free radicals to protect the scalp and hair follicles. A blend of potent AHA’s (alpha-hydroxy acids) derived from fruit help to de-frizz and eliminate any dry, rough or porous areas so that pollutants will find it difficult to adhere to the hair. The result is hair that is vibrant, shiny and stays clean and fresh for longer.

Naturally occurring trisodium ethylenediamine discuccinate (TED), a biodegradable chelating agent will prevent build-up on the hair of metal and minerals found in hard water that can cause hair to look dull and feel brittle. This balancing conditioner also contains red seaweed (also known as chrondus crispus) and will help to shield the scalp from pollution.

Why We Love It

We hear the term ‘product build-up’ frequently when hair is the topic of conversation, but sometimes it’s not a build-up of products that’s the problem, it’s pollution. The SACHAJUAN Anti Pollution Conditioner contains everything you need to protect your hair from everyday aggressors and keep it looking shiny and healthy. It’s a must-have for those who are serious about their haircare, especially those who enjoy city-life but don’t like the dirt and smells associated with it.


Anti-pollution hair care is as much about protecting the scalp as it is the length of your hair. With a holistic approach toward hair care, all SACHAJUAN products are designed to create lustrous shine, bounce and volume in all hair types with a balanced combination of active ingredients. Each SACHAJUAN product is enriched with Ocean Silk Technology. This technology will boost the hair’s moisture, shine and the overall beauty of the hair, and is what makes SACHAJUAN unlike any other hair care line. So if pollution is a concern of yours, be sure to give the new SACHAJUAN Anti Pollution Shampoo and Conditioner a try.

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